I teach two types of classes. The regular classes "Stretch & Tone" are suitable for more intermediate levels of fitness. "Release, Rebalance & Restore" class (previously called "Aging Backwards"), is an alternative and slower paced workout - please scroll down below for more details. 


Pricing is based on what the various studio locations charge (mix of drop in rates, class packages, monthly memberships, etc.). Please see individual websites below for more details:

  • http://www.mvmntstudio.ca

  • http://www.lotwyoga.ca

  • http://kenora.ca/getting-active/fitness/instructional-classes/

What you need?

Yoga mat and water bottle, though all studios where I teach in Kenora already provide the mats. No shoes or socks required. It is helpful to bring a small towel or sweater to use with some of our hip stretches or to sit on for specific stretches.


  • CURRENTLY ON MATERNITY LEAVE; More info to come in late fall 2019 once I have decided on a teaching plan post baby.

    NOTE: Please double-check my Facebook page and Instagram as I sometimes sub for other teachers and have additional classes.

Release, Rebalance & Restore Class

Release, Rebalance & Restore is a class for people who are a) starting to exercise after a long sedentary period, b) are recovering from injuries, c) are in pain or suffer from chronic conditions, or d) are looking for a more gentle "workout". The pace is slower, with less intensity and more of a beginner type class. The focus is on full-body mobility and strength, liberating stiff joints, relieving chronic aches and pains, as well as improving overall health & wellbeing. Below is a short video to give an explanation of what this class specifically is all about: