"Every day we have a very clear choice: We can grow older or we can grow younger." - Miranda Esmonde-White, Creator of Essentrics and Classical Stretch

WELCOME to Essentrics with Karine!

Essentrics is a full-body workout, that combines strengthening and stretching to develop lean and strong muscles. This program will transform your posture, as well as increase flexibility and mobility to create a pain free and healthy body. Thanks for visiting - I am excited that you are taking the time to learn more about Essentrics and its benefits.


"Strive to be the healthiest version of yourself." - Erika Vipond, Essentrics Master Trainer

"Essentrics is an amazing full body workout that is beneficial to my health. It feels like I am getting a massage every time! It has improved the pain I was experiencing in my hips. I have definitely seen changes in my posture and muscle strength." - Bernice Parent, Essentrics client